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A new full-length docu-dramedy, SICK tells the story of the early 1970s struggle to declassify homosexuality as a mental illness in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Based in part on the historical record, the play follows Ron Gold, a gay activist and aversion therapy survivor, whose growing resolve to rid the manual of its damning diagnosis puts him on a collision course with the psychiatric establishment.


With humor and poignancy, early 70s music, and the ghost of Freud himself, the play recounts a pivotal moment in gay history, while affirming the power of the individual in the struggle for equality and human rights.

West Hollywood
Pride Playwriting

A Play by Dahn Hiuni

Winner of the Award for Excellence in Playwriting at the 2016 New York City Fringe Festival, Murmurs & Incantations tells the story of a gay New York performance artist with creative block who fatefully travels to Poland in an attempt to revive his art career, only to be confronted by the feisty ghost of his grandfather, a rabbi killed in the Holocaust.


Harrowing, poignant and irreverently funny, the play explores the anguish and the responsibility of being an artist. Theatrically, Murmurs is groundbreaking in its meaningful incorporation of performance art into both the form and content of a play.

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